Based in the UK, for over 50 years, we have manufactured and supplied specialty chemicals and are principally known for our photoinitiators, UV absorbers and optical brighteners.

Our chemistries are used in a variety of application areas from energy cured graphic arts, coatings for medical devices, composites and 3D printing.


Today Lambson, still owned by the Hall family, has business premises for marketing, sales and development located at Wetherby in the UK. Manufacturing is performed in USA, China, India and Europe. The company has a global sales network with offices in Wetherby, Farnham (UK), Shanghai (China), New Jersey (USA), Dublin (Ireland) and Tokyo (Japan)


The continued success of the company lead to the expansion of the R&D and technical capabilities in 2018, adding new analytical and applications testing laboratories the chemical synthesis capabilities with state of the art facilities.


By 2015 the company had grown significantly and moved to a larger office and laboratory in central Wetherby.


In 2012 Lambson expanded its business interests into personal care and microencapsulation, setting up a specialised laboratory in Farnham for R&D, product development, claims substantiation and technical support.


The turn of the millennium saw the acquisition of the Great Lakes Quantacure photoinitiator portfolio, enhancing the Lambson photoinitiator product range and giving the company a competitive advantage. Lambson took the key strategic decision to streamline the business focusing on energy curing.

An energy curing lamp


From 2001 Lambson invested in overseas manufacturing of the product portfolio to ensure continued competitiveness in a globalised market place. The UK operation was restructured with a focus on supply chain management, global sales and energy curing R&D.


Throughout the 1990’s, significant investment was introduced into the Lambson site at Castleford. The Company worked with well-established customers such as BP, Lubrizol, Exxon Mobil, Dow, Dow Corning, Nippon Zeon, Ricoh, BAE, Novartis and Corus.


Lambson’s globally renowned SpeedCure brand started with the manufacture of photoinitiator products at the Castleford site in 1984.


The 1980s saw the expansion of the product portfolio into performance chemical products specialised in lubricants, mineral acids and alkalis.


In 1977 Lambson acquired a 42-acre manufacturing site in Castleford and proceeded to invest in fine chemical manufacture whilst growing the existing business.


Lambson was established, by the Hall family, in 1960 and operated from a head office in Harrogate with initial business interests ranging from chemical distribution to chemical transportation and coated panel products for the construction market.