SpeedCure VLT

SpeedCure VLT is a highly reactive photoinitiator based on fluorinated diaryl-bis-cyclopentadienyl titanium complex for radical polymerization of unsaturated resins upon exposure to visible light (daylight) or UV light. It is especially suited for the curing of photopolymers for imaging, specialty adhesive and information storage applications. SpeedCure VLT also acts as an effective sensitizer for diaryliodonium type cationic photoinitiators and can therefore be used to promote cure of cationic formulations with visible light. SpeedCure VLT can be described as photobleaching and can be used to produce very thick coatings. Best results are obtained when oxygen is excluded from the resin system during curing.

CAS no. 125051-32-3
Chemical name Bis(η5-cyclopentadienyl)-bis(2,6-difluoro-3-[pyrrol-1-yl]-phenyl)titanium