Lambson produces a wide range of bespoke encapsulation products for our customers. Our core technology platform is phase-separation encapsulation, also known as Complex Coacervation. Along with gelatine based systems we are proud to offer our patented Vida-Caps range, which has all the benefits of complex coacervation technology, but providing an ethical, vegan product for your encapsulation needs.

From initial concept and design to full scale production, we create innovative, reliable encapsulates to make your product the best it can be. We’ve worked across a wide range of industries, created new technologies and developed successful and original formulas. Encapsulation is a versatile range of technologies which can add product value in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Protection, Stabilisation and Isolation: From masking odours and reducing volatile loss to preventing oxidation of valuable natural oils and assisting you in including difficult to formulate components in your formulation, encapsulation can provide benefits and cost-effective solutions to your needs.
  • Controlled release: From slowing the release of a vitamin for a leave-on personal care application, to delivering a burst of fragrance when rubbed, to releasing a healing agent when broken, encapsulation can help you deliver an active where it is needed, when it is needed!
  • Aesthetics: Capsules look good, differentiating your product from your competitors and providing a clear visual cue that your formulations provide something more special than all the rest!

Lambson Encapsulation Technologists provide a full service from start to finish. Helping you select the correct technology and suitable materials, working with you to develop the aesthetics and capsule properties your product requires, through to providing technical information and formulation assistance, and finally scaling up!