Personal Care FAQ's

What kind of formulation support does Lambson offer?

Lambson has a portfolio of off-the-shelf formulations that can be used as starting point formulas for most applications. We can also provide formulations to support desired claims. The level of support available to our customers covers simple hints and tips through to a bespoke formulation service including stability and claims support.

Can Lambson provide guidance on sun-protection claims?

Lambson are happy to support our customers with formulation advice for sun-protection claims. We offer the Vida-Care SP range of well-known sunscreens as well as our unique Vida-Care USB range, which are single addition ingredients that can meet SPF, UV-A and UV-B requirements. Our technical team can provide further information depending on your formulation needs.

Can Lambson provide claims support?

Lambson can provide claims support such as hold, stiffness, flexibility, volume and anti-frizz for styling products. We can also provide in-vitro SPF testing.

Are the Vida-Care products approved for use in my region?

The global inventories for each Vida-Care product are listed on the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

Have the Vida-Care products been tested on animals by Lambson?

No. Lambson does not conduct animal testing on cosmetic ingredients, nor does it commission animal testing for any of the Vida-Care product range.

Do Vida-Care products contain palm oil or its derivatives?

No. None of the Vida-Care range is derived from palm oil.