Vida-Care USB-25

Vida-Care USB-25 is a globally approved proprietary blend of sunscreen actives, designed as a drop-in product to provide stable, broad spectrum UV-A and UV-B for body and scalp products.

CAS no. 131-57-7, 70356-09-1, 6197-30-4, 5466-77-3, 118-60-5, 93925-36-1
Chemical name Proprietary blend of sunscreen actives
INCI Proprietary Blend of – Octocrylene, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Benzophenone-3, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Ethylhexyl Salicylate,C 12-13 Alkyl Lactate
USP Proprietary blend of Octocrylene, Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Octoxinate, Octisalate, C12-C13 Alky Lactate