Support & Compliance

Lambson Limited is committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions for both products and services.

Lambson takes measures to ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements and applies an effective Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO9001:2015. With a culture of responsibility and accountability we continuously strive for improvement in all areas of our business to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, at all times, using measurable objectives and customer feedback.

Safety, concern and care for people, protection of the environment, personal and company integrity are among our highest values. We strive at all times to operate our business in a manner which actively seeks to prevent or minimise the possibility of causing harm or loss to people and the environment. The SHEQ team ensure that risk assessments are completed for all activities and that any deviations are fully reported and recommendations for improvement are acted upon. We as a company are committed to the safe distribution and use of our products by our customers, providing safety data sheets that comply with national and regional requirements.